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Referral commission Page – If you want to earn referral commission then this is your page. At the end of the page, click on the word Referral to download the agreement, sign and email back to us.

We are digitizing farms to enable farmers to use artificial intelligence-based technologies, 4th industrial revolution technologies, and 5th generation technologies on their farm. We serve all type of farming – field, greenhouse, vertical, tunnel, ocean, other. No size is too small. Any size land, or number of animals. Our focus is to smallholder, subsistence, household, cooperative farmers.


  1. Get the farmer you want to refer to take our online survey on this website
  2. Register the farmer. This will help to link the referrer to the farmer.
  3. Referrer arranges a demo with the farmer to be done virtually (ONLY CROP FARMERS). Demo for livestock available in January, 2021
  4. Farmer signup for the subscription services – monthly (pay as you go), quarterly, or annual plans are available.
Crop farmers
Livestock farmers
Animal Farmers
farming as a service
other farmers
Register AGRO Processors – Access to global markets using our platform
  • Commissions
  • Producer will receive commissions from SmartAgrIoT for each service sold in the month after subscription is received by SmartAgrIoT. Monthly payments will be determined by applying the attached schedule to the actual subscription received per line of sold service within the subscription services year, and subtracting the commissions already paid during the subscription services year. Commissions are calculated based on subscription received by line of service and will be paid so long as
  • (a) Producer is officially appointed by SmartAgrIoT to sell the Farming As A Service provided by the subscription services;
  • (b) Producer services the Agriculture business;
  • (c) SmartAgrIoT recognizes Producer as the agent/broker of record;
  • (d) any commission advances or overpayments have been properly recovered by SmartAgrIoT;
  • (e) the subscription services remains in force; and
  • (f) this Agreement is in effect
Commission structure. EXAMPLE: If you refer 100 farmers to sign up for our subscription, you will be paid R9,343.65 a month if the farmers pay monthly. If you decide to target 1,000 farmers, you will earn yourself a guaranteed monthly R93, 436.50 every month

download the file below by double clicking